The Family Forest Project is praised by experts.  Foremost genealogy product reviewer, Richard Eastman, proclaimed it to be "Monumental" in its scope...
Several editions of The Family Forest have been released for market testing. 

These releases have provided a wealth of useful marketing data. 
Because the Family Forest grows exponentially, every new name added can result in an astonishing number of new, and previously unknown, ancestral connections being discovered.
The wealth of fully sourced information entered in the Family Forest pushes at the computing capacity of today's home computers. 
The Family Forest uniquely charts human migration from the dawn of recorded human history.
The Family Forest uniquely provides deep family history information in ways that are convenient to access and easy to use.
The Family Forest is also now available for mass marketing.  Prime areas include:  Hollywood's motion picture industry (DVD's from film libraries and new movie releases); plus the world travel and pharmacuetical industries.
The Family Forest  uncovered many newsworthy relationship discoveries during its early development.
More are waiting to be announced... and many more are there waiting to be found.
Millisecond Publishing is a privately held corporation based on the Big Island of Hawaii.
In addition to "growing" the Family Forest it e-publishes a significant genealogy library.
The fact is, the Family Forest uniquely links humankind like no other resource has ever done!
Today Millisecond Publishing seeks to partner with the right global company to bring the Family Forest Project to the attention of the world.
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And, Eastman's praise at that time was for our prototype edition - circa 2002!  

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The Family Forest aids both students and teachers of history. Its fully-sourced historical information is presented in a way that fosters "A People-Centered  Approach to History."TM
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