Past Perfect Productions, licensor of "Rome Reborn" provides a perfect end game location.                        (See the video.)
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Imagine this 3D interactive game...
  You get to explore actual ancestral pathways going back in time to ancient Rome. Celebrity avatars act as tour guides leading players through the centuries and pointing the way to historic events such as battles, or great discoveries....
  Players zoom back through time on well marked 3D trails of documented ancestral lineages - and for many it will be their own. Along the journey back players will experience both the aural stimulation and visual impact of HD scenes digitally culled from hundreds of motion pictures. Players will meet some of the people who made history and visit the places where important events took place. Using new motion-sensing technology players will get to participate in historic events.
   Because it's designed to appeal to many non-traditional game markets - from history buffs to students and teachers at all grade levels, as well as to millions of people whose passion is genealogy it's expected to become a best seller.
    The only unanswered question is:  Which company will become the one to reap the lion's share of the rewards this game is sure to generate? Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo?
    The academic content of the Family Forest Project provides a unique "stargate-like" portal to explore the "6 degrees of separation" suggested by an avatar selected from a stable of Hollywood celebrities.
    Over 8 million lines of proprietary computer code developed by the Family Forest Project provide the means to get there.
   Marketed as a way to experience Time Travel it will be the first game to provide a way to freely explore and even participate in history.