Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. creators of the "Family Forest" brand of  deep ancestral history research services seeks a partner with Hollywood deal-making experience.  Goal: to develop and manage multi-million dollar licensing deals for MPC's proprietary family history data on hundreds of movie stars.  It' about marketing films featuring the best known Hollywood  icons using the power of genealogy!
  It's taken 14 years for MPC to compile its treasure trove of exclusive genealogy data on Hollywood's greatest stars.  It's now ready for digitally marketing entire film libraries to both new and future generations! How? Using the marketing force of our connected ancestries!
Here are a few of the Hollywood icons whose family trees are linked within the Family Forest.
There are hundreds more...
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Who will put the contents of the Family Forest
to work in marketing film libraries?
Even more celebrity ancestries are now in the Family Forest!