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You've been invited here to learn how licensing Millisecond Publishing Company's 8+ million lines of proprietary computer code will provide motion picture studios with a new channel to boost revenues from current films and turn on new cash flows from new sales from "old" film libraries.  

Our  code provides valuable data about the family histories of Hollywood's greatest icons.   It is now ready to be licensed to implement powerful and profitable digital marketing strategies which until recently were impossible!

By reading all the information in our presentation you can become one of the first  to discover a "paradigm shift" about to take place.   This  is the result of new  digital technologies and a never before possible marketing strategy known as "ancestral marketing."  

Ancestral Marketing of films means attracting and connecting millions of people to specific motion pictures by digitally linking their own ancestries to that of the movie stars' or, casts' or crew members'.  The Family Forest can similarly link new audiences to the portrayals of history-making characters, or the actual events - such as wars -  being depicted in films.  Or, be used to link new audiences to specific places and times that span all of the world's recorded history!

Genealogy offers a "universal appeal" and is a very enticing and very powerful "hook" for capturing new audiences. 

Click here to find out who we are and what we have been working on during the last thirteen years. 

By the way, just to the north of Kona on the "Big Island" is where we are "growing" the Family Forest.

Today, 13 years after we launched this project, the Family Forest spans over 3000 years of recorded history.

Family Forest is a registered trademark of Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.